Flyeing in love forever essay

Photon I thought all majors were like that edit: Logically the cost of college should have gone down as the flow of information picked up, it did not. College was the best four years of my life and provided me numerous experiences and opportunities.

I worked hard and tied for first on the final written exam. I actually started making enough money to earn my private pilot license. It would help raise the educational level of the industry and create a sort of barrier for entry.

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Maybe my train of thought is even more "conventional" than modern conventionalism when you think about it I was a restaurant manager, and an auto mechanic I do not have a college degree.

I made friends I will keep for life and memories that I will cherish forever. Any 19 year old kid with a GED and hours can fly a commercial airliner carrying up to 76 passengers over miles but I digress this is just my backwards opinion. But this is just my opinion. I believe this is how he saw it after a few years of trying it.

The Dash Whisperer MesabahIf you did not, then your opinion is a very uneducated one. Going to a large University provided me a chance to interact with people of all walks of life, and learn about many different career paths.

No I did, got my A. Paying to become "qualified" for a job. What really matters is knowing what you have to know. And then they learn to accept debt as a normal part of life and teach their kids the same.

Same deal with what you learn in school barely if at all applying to what you really need to learn or know to do the job The ones who "Just went to college and never worked" have little to no ability to use reasoning and quantitive logical thinking.

I enjoy and learn from the degree-holding pilots that I fly with. Today I can find all of the information I could ever learn in college sitting right here at home, minus the social experience to some degree. In college you learn to prioritize with limited time and resources and those lessons are often of much greater value than anything that can be taught in the classroom.

There is a lot more to college than what you learn in the classroom. Furthermore, websites such as this one can provide you with a pretty good education on the subject Khan Academy http: There are points I agree with you.

My desk job is as a Data Analyst and I have a B. Of course, not everyone is the same, but you should not say college is a scam because it obviously is not.

The wages and the tuition costs are way out of sync What about the millions that just drank and plagiarized their way thru. I know some real idiots that managed to get a degree. As I gain experience I feel that I am able to fly and function at the same level that they do.

I am thinking of the Colonel who crashed the B52 at Fairchild during airshow practice. Making blanket assumptions about people based on whether or not they hold a degree, or have military versus all civilian experience is unwise.

Purpleanga Why is this thread still alive. I was awarded a very quick upgrade. Or at the very least, a two year. Check it out if interested Some people are free thinkers and like learning about what interests them Also, a large part of the money you pay to go to college is not spent on your education.

As such, I suggest that if you go to school simply so you can get a better job, or a job in a specific field, the scope of your learning will be rather narrow. May 09,  · Airline Pilot Forums was designed to be a community where working airline pilots can share ideas and information about the aviation field.

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Flyeing in love forever essay
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