Love and davao city


On the whole, they established extensive abaca plantations around the shores of Davao Gulf and developed large-scale commercial interests such as copra, timber, fishing and import-export trading. We experience it and we invite you to share the same way with us.

Ginanggang is a banana dish that originated in this city and spread to other parts of the country; a banana is grilled, skewered, brushed with margarine and sprinkled with sugar. As such, both nature and city lovers have every opportunity to enjoy a great time. It's a perfect match. Restaurants are in large supply as well.

Affordable food Compared to other places in the country, food here in Davao City is very affordable.

These separatist groups generally refer to themselves today as Kalagans. Bankerohan Public Market Living in downtown area, Bankerohan public market is my favourite place to buy fresh and very affordable seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables etc.

There are a lot of experiences and memories which made me proud of my city. The Duterte brand of governance has divided not only the city but also the nation, with some people opposing the iron-clad city management and others praising it.


The quality of water has been tasted in terms of cleanliness, safety, mineral content, and taste. The Firecracker Ban While other city hospitals are busy taking care of firecracker victims during the New Year revelry, their Davao City counterparts are bored in a good way.

There are a lot of other reasons to stay up late in Davao without liquor. More access road The city government of Davao is looking into other access road to minimize the traffic of the city.

If you really want to belt out your favorite tunes, you can head to a wide array of videoke bars authorized by the city government to operate. Proper law enforcement and giving them love they deserve — tips for honest drivers are most appreciated.

It's tender and tasty meat will surely make you want more once you have your first bite. Or, you can find another way to vent out your emotions aside from singing. Davao Bloggers were lucky enough to be invited by the owner to try their best-sellers.

His public comments about killing criminals have been criticized by human rights activists and even the Office of the President, and have somehow painted Davao as an ultra-restricted city.

A notable tradition brought by the Spanish still celebrated today in Davao City is the celebration of the feast day of each of the barrios villages patron saints with a festival fiesta. Most of its branches are located in Mindanao including 17 locations where it is the only financial-services provider.

Relaxing massage at Rizal Park Since not much to do in the mall with a limited budget on hand, I decided to return to downtown and just wandered and feasted my eyes on the different activities with lots of busy people at the city center, while sipping on my favorite drink of all timebuko juice.

It's usually mixed with chicken but can also be mixed with seafood and other meat. Checkpoints are set in the key areas where taskforces vigilantly post. Cleanliness is not bad because vendors are entitled to get permit from the city government of Davao with the medical certificate.

Firecracker Ban Many skeptics thought that the city ordinance on firecrackers and pyrotechnics would just go up in smoke after its first implementation in It is really time and money wise to spend a vacation here in Davao City.

Davao City’s supposed sports oval right at the heart of the city was converted into a public park and became a favorite free place to hang out among locals. Museo Dabawenyo near Davao City Hall offers rich information of the city’s history. Listen online to Love radio station MHz FM for free – great choice for Davao City, Philippines.

Listen live Love radio with Feb 05,  · There are just so many reasons to love Davao City! Whether it's personal, business or professional, one can definitely find a.

Opened a few months ago, Rekado is one of the most promising new restaurants in Davao City. It offers sumptuous Filipino Comfort Food with a twist. It is located at Jacinto Extension, Bgy.

B, Davao City. “Araw Ng Dabaw” is a city-wide celebration for the anniversary of Davao City on 16 March which attracts both local and foreign visitors.

Events begin several days before the anniversary, including the famous Mutya ng Davao beauty contest on the 15th at the Davao City Recreational Center. 2.

Good governance I can say that living in Davao City is a blessing. Compared to other places in the world, the leadership here is good. Through the leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City has become the example of many places in the country.

Love and davao city
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