Potential benefits of aquatherapy essay

Professional hydrotherapy might be expensive. A moderate risk of bias was due to lack of reporting of randomization, allocation and blinding procedures in some studies, as well as small sample sizes. Aetna considers aquatic therapy that is carried out to maintain a level of function maintenance therapywhere the member is neither improving nor regressing, not medically necessary.

Becker and Lynch reported on the case of a year old woman who retired due to progressive cognitive decline, and was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer dementia AD.

By using equipment such as water paddles or aquatic gloves, the therapist can create gentle currents aimed at specific areas of the body, helping to work on problem areas. The guidelines were reviewed by the boards of the participating scientific medical societies. Similarly, hot showers or the application of hot towels is often cited as being both relaxing and therapeutic by many back and neck pain sufferers.

Data were compiled on the types of rehabilitationprocedures and services offered by most internal programs the types of patients typically served thereimbursement prospects and so forth. Five electronic databases were searched to identify RCTs of people with lymphedema, which compared aquatic therapy with other lymphedema interventions.

The formulation and grading of recommendations was accomplished using a multi-step, formal consensus process. The most wonderful part of being an aquatic therapist is the smile on peoples faces when they have accomplished their goal and knowing that they are no longer in pain and are able to move more freely.

Lima et al evaluated the effectiveness of aquatic physical therapy in the treatment of FM.

Hydrotherapy for Herniated Discs

PT in the water is generally gentler and better tolerated than similar exercises done on dry land. Moreover, they stated that further research is needed to strengthen the evidence from 4 studies in people with UL lymphedema, and to establish the effectiveness of this intervention in people with lower limb lymphedema.

The patient experienced a significant decrease in pain, a significant increase in the strength of respiratory muscles, and improved quality of life.

Pool Therapy, Aquatic Therapy or Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy will do nothing at all to resolve the structural changes associated with a herniated disc. Marinho-Buzelli et al summarized evidence on the effects of aquatic therapy on mobility in individuals with neurological diseases. The following outcome data were obtained: Eight working groups with a total of 50 members were evenly balanced in terms of gender, medical field, potential conflicts of interest and hierarchical position in the medical and scientific fields.

This procedure uses the therapeutic properties of water e. The authors concluded that 3 meta-analyses showed statistically significant results in favor of the aquatic physical therapy FIQ, stiffness and the 6-min walk test during a period of longer than 20 weeks.

Therefore, water therapy is only symptomatic care that will never provide a cure.

Research Paper on Aquatic Therapy

A total of 4 studies of varying research design and quality met the inclusion criteria. The duration of the intervention ranged from 10 to 14 weeks, and each study used varied measures of outcome.

Finally the team conducted a competitive analysis and learnedthat no medically supported aquatherapy program was being offered in the community.

Many swimmers report excellent results for managing herniated disc pain. The web page featured videos illustrating the therapy process and offering testimonials fromsuccessfully rehabilitated patients.

The parameters that were used in this study included respiratory muscle strength which was calculated by measuring maximum inspiratory pressures and maximum expiratory pressuresthe McGill and Wisconsin pain questionnaires in order to evaluate the patients' characterizations and descriptions of their painand the SF Health Survey.

These researchers used standard methodological procedures expected by The Cochrane Collaboration. This concept forces the heart and lungs to work harder because the chest cavity is under direct pressure.

Harmer and colleagues compared outcomes between land-based and water-based exercise programs delivered in the early subacute phase up to 6 months after total knee replacement TKR. After a total of 17 1-hour aquatic therapy sessions over 19 weeks in a warm water therapy pool, she achieved the ability to tread water for 15 minutes, transfers improved to moderate-to-maximum assist from seated, and ambulation improved to 1, feet with minimum-to-moderate assist of 2 persons.

Swimming is nonimpact and gentle, despite being one of the most efficient fitness activities in the world.

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Aquatic therapy, or pool therapy, consists of an exercise program that is performed in the water. It is a beneficial form of therapy that is useful for a variety of medical conditions. Aquatic therapy uses the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance.

9 Aquatic Therapy Benefits That Will Surprise You

Learn about these 9 aquatic therapy benefits Physical rehab is used to help people recover from serious injuries. It can take months or even years to build muscle tissue strength and range of motion, but there’s a way to increase training efficiency that is helpful to people of all ages.

The Potential Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay She goes on to say, researchers have found that THC targets cannabinoid receptors which are related to the endocannabinoids which are naturally produced in the human body. In a case study, these researchers evaluated an aquatic rehabilitation program used for patients with sickle cell anemia and examined the possible benefits that exercise in warm water has for the circulatory system for relieving pain as well as for increasing lung capacity.

Increase Joint Flexibility •Aqua therapy in warm water can increase flexibility. On land, your joints may be too stiff and painful to move.

Aqua therapy lessens your stiffness. Hydrotherapy for Herniated Discs Benefits. Water therapies have been used by cultures all over the planet for thousands of years. There is simply no way to ignore their potential benefits, since they are time-tested and generally cited as having efficacy by both doctors and patients alike.

Potential benefits of aquatherapy essay
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