Why i love baseball

A baseball game is a very special event. But in the short run, there is only green grass and the false promise of eternal youth. They don't know that when that pitcher threw an inside fastball to David Ortiz he was playing with fire and you wonder if he is going to have the guts to do it again and why did he do it the first time was it a mistake or does he have a plan.

The scent of freshly mowed grass or steaming hot dogs. Sometimes it is over well before it's over. This is about as exciting as watching bread rise. And if you view each pitch as the action of baseball, suddenly the game doesn't seem slow paced or boring at all. It's raging at a move of the manager or a trade by the owner.

Not so in the older days. It's hardly dynamic or exciting football. The batter steps up. Again, this does not make for exciting watching. Baseball invites, encourages, even demandsconversation. That magical combination of names, numbers and symbols also enables you to go back and check the progress of the game at any time.

This delay tactic is less prevalent in other sports, but it is still present. Many of the folks who live and die by their favorite teams are even more emotionally invested in the franchise than a majority of the players. Anyone not even remotely familiar with football can look at those three things and see a difference.

The problem is that in order to successfully view a pitch as the action in baseball, you have to know the game. With basketball, at least you pretty much always have a last shot for a field goal. I never imagined I would be so obsessed with a team, feel such joy over winning a game or clinching a post-season berth.

Baseball Essay

And as the buzzer sounds and the ball flies from the 3-point line towards the basket, there is an amazing amount of tension. Who is he going to intimidate. Visit Michael Giltz at his website and his daily blog. In a football game, with 10 seconds left and 4th and goal for the win, that's it.

Now tennis I could yabber on about Football is much better to listen to on the radio, since it is divided into discrete chunks i. It is glorified, taught, and fed to us. The Angels had some of the worst hitting in the Major Leagues, and even those that could hit subsisted on slap singles followed by stolen bases.

The taste of cold beer and peanuts.

10 Reasons Why I Love Baseball

Why I Love Baseball. January 31, By Guest Post. This entry was posted in Fanhood, Guest Post, Spring Training and tagged Derek Togerson, I frightened Tony Gwynn, Spring, Tony Gwynn. Bookmark the permalink. By Derek Togerson.

Whenever the Super Bowl comes around, I get excited. Why I Love Baseball [Larry King, Michael Viner, Julie McCarron] on parisplacestecatherine.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Larry King is a true-blue baseball fanatic. A lifelong love affair began the night he attended a Dodgers game at Ebbets Field as a kid in s Brooklyn.4/4(10).

Why I Love Baseball I was emailing with a friend today and the subject of why Americans like baseball came up. He was not born in the States and doesn’t quite get baseball.

It's a broad question but just wanting to know how and why y'all got started in baseball and why you've always loved it/preferred it to the other. Baseball. America's past time. Baseball is the definition of the American community.

The sport, from the Little League level to the Major League's brings so many incredible things about this amazing sport. 1. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

The food is one of the best things to enjoy at a baseball game. I've played all the sports (Basketball, Football, Footbol, and Baseball) but baseball is the one sport I truly fell in love with. I love the sound of the bat cracking as you square one dead center, the pop that the catchers glove makes when you get one right in there.

Why i love baseball
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10 Reasons Why I Love Baseball